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Dante Gabriel Rossetti - chronology

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1828 Born 38 Charlotte Street, London. Eldest son of Gabriel Rossetti, Professor of Italian at King's College, London. (from 1831), and Frances Polidori.

1829 Birth of William Michael Rossetti.

1830 Birth of Christina Georgina Rossetti.

1836 Pupil at King's College School.

1841 Studied at Henry Sass's Drawing Academy. Much time spent illustrating Shakespeare, Byron, Scott, Goethe and his own brother's and sister's writings.

1844 Probationer at Royal Academy.

1845 Full-time Student at Royal Academy Schools, but had little enthusiasm for format training.

1848 March, studied under Ford Madox Brown. Belonged to 'The Cyclographic' sketching club circulating drawings for criticism. Members included later founder-members of Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. May, introduced himself to Holman Hunt after admiring his picture at 1848 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. August, shared studio with Holman Hunt. September, Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood formed. 'The Girlhood of Mary' (Tate Gallery). Composing poetry, literary interests and painting of equal importance. October, finished translation of Dante's'Vita Nuova'.

1849 Exhibited 'The Girlhood of Mary' at the Free Exhibition, Hyde Park Corner. September-October, travelled to Paris and Belgium with Holman Hunt. Visited major galleries and confirmed enthusiasm for medieval and early Renaissance painting.

1850 Met Elizabeth Siddal. 'The Germ' magazine published, largely organised by Rossetti. 'Ecce Ancilla Domini' (Tate Gallery) exhibited at National Institution. October, a rare experience painting out of doors, with Holman Hunt.

1852-53 Exhibited watercolours at The Old Watercolour Society, Pall Mall.

1854 Commenced 'Found' (Wilmington Society of Fine Arts, Delaware) - a picture with a modern moral subject.

1855 Publication of William Allingham's 'The Music Master', with one illustration by Rossetti. Worked extensively on small watercolours with medieval and Dante subject matter.

1856 Friendship with Edward Burne-Jones and William Morris, both young students at Oxford. 'The Seed of David' triptych (Llandaff Cathedral).

1857 Moxon's Tennyson published. Five illustrations by Rossetti. Oxford Union Murals painted under his leadership.

1858 Met Fanny Cornforth. 1860 Married Elizabeth Siddal. Subjects changed to more languid, solitary female figures.

1861 Foundation of Morris, Marshall, Faulkner and Company.

1862 Elizabeth Siddal died. Rossetti's manuscript poems buried in her coffin. October, moved to 16 Cheyne Walk with A. C. Swinburne.

1863 Visited Belgium with W. M. Rossetti.

1864 Paris. Friendly with Fantin-Latour and Whistler. 'Beata Beatrix' (Tate Gallery). 1865 'The Blue Bower' (Barber Institute of Fine Arts, Birmingham). Met Alexa Wilding.

1865-66 'The Beloved' (Tate Gallery).

1866 Commenced 'Sibylla Palmifera' (Lady Lever Art Gallery).

1869 Manuscript poem disinterred from Elizabeth Siddal's coffin. Close friendship with Jane Morris.

1870 Started taking chloral for insomnia, leading to addiction. Poems published.

1871-74 Shared Kelmscott Manor with William and Jane Morris.

1871 Commenced 'Dante's Dream' (Walker Art Gallery).

1872 Buchanan's derogatory article 'The Fleshly School of Poetry' in 'The Contemporary Review'.

1872 Seriously ill.

1872 'The Bower Meadow' (Manchester).

1873 'La Ghirlandata' (Guildhall). Style changed again with female figures becoming burly and exaggeratedly elongated.

1875 'The Blessed Damozel' (Lady Lever Art Gallery).

1877 'Proserpine' (private collection). 'Astarte Syriaca' (Manchester).

1878 ' Pandora' (Lady Lever Art Gallery).

1881 New edition poems published

1882 9th April, died at Birchington-on-Sea.