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The Two Mothers

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The Two Mothers

Title: The Two Mothers
Date: between 1850 and 1865
Artist(s): Dante Gabriel Rossetti (British: English, born:12 May 1828, died:09 April 1882)
Materials: Oil; Canvas on panel
Information: This is a fragment of a much larger painting based on a poem by Robert Browning (1812 - 1889). Rossetti began the work in 1850 but cut it up, preserving the figure of the woman who was originally to have been shown reading a volume of Italian poetry. Later he added the little girl and the statuette of the virgin and child to make a sentimental image of family piety. The change in his painting style over the years is clearly visible.
Accession no: WAG 295
Credit line:
Location: Sudley House, on display