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Symbolism in 'The Scapegoat' 

The Seven Stars - along the top of the frame

The top of the frame

The frame was designed by Hunt and was intended to complement the painting. The seven stars at the top may be derived from the apocalyptic text mentioning the seven stars that fell on the day of wrath, or it may indicate the Book of Revelation's 'ancient' Christ who held seven stars in his right hand.

Dove on the left hand side of the frameQuatrefoil with the flower heartsease on right hand side

The dove with olive branch on the left (shown above left) suggests God's saving of Noah from the Flood. In Christian iconography these are twin signs of peace and reconciliation. On the right side (shown above right) is a quatrefoil (four-leafed design) with the flower heartsease or Star of Bethlehem.

Candlestick along the bottom of the frame

A seven branched candlestick (shown above) at the bottom of the picture indicates Mosaic law.