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Visitors to our venues

We update these figures every six months.


Number of visitors from 1 January - 30 June 2017.

 VenueNumber of visitors
International Slavery Museum 202,510
Lady Lever Art Gallery 93,306
Merseyside Maritime Museum 450,989
Museum of Liverpool 276,416
Piermaster's House 86,087
Sudley House 22,024
Walker Art Gallery 139,245
World Museum 344,186

Total visitors to our venues for six month period: 1,412,193*


 VenueNumber of visitors
International Slavery Museum 382,757
Lady Lever Art Gallery 229,577
Merseyside Maritime Museum 840,675
Museum of Liverpool 802,722
Piermaster's House 193,161
Sudley House 39,399
Walker Art Gallery 289,515
World Museum 671,171

Total visitors to our venues: 3,072,574*


Number of visitors from 1 January  - 31 December 2015. 

Visitor numbers for 2015
 VenueNumber of visitors
International Slavery Museum 460,161
Lady Lever Art Gallery 211,641
Merseyside Maritime Museum 530,883
Museum of Liverpool 747,263
Piermaster's House 203,392
Sudley House 46,194
Walker Art Gallery 240,531
World Museum 658,898

Total visitors to our venues: 2,770,413*

*Calculating total visitors

Please note that visitors to the International Slavery Museum are already counted as visitors to the Merseyside MaritimeMuseumso this figure is not used to calculate the total. This is because the International Slavery Museum is located insidetheMerseyside Maritime Museum.