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Recipe for Scouse: in partnership with DaDaFest

Recipe for Scouse: the heritage ingredients of our unique Liverpool identity

Participants filming a pirate scene

Liverpool is a city of rich culture and heritage. But what does it mean to be a young person growing up in this city?

Sound recording during filming

The Walker Art Gallery is pleased to have been the heritage partner for an exciting project called ‘Recipe for Scouse: the heritage ingredients of our unique Liverpool identity’. DaDaFest, a cutting edge Disability and Deaf Arts agency, was awarded Heritage Lottery (HLF) funding for this project, which resulted in the production of the short film that you can watch below. The film was first showcased across the city as part of DaDaFest International 2014

We are excited to have worked together on this collaboration, empowering young people through training and practical experience in the arts, and improving their self-confidence, skills and qualifications to increase their future choices.

A group of young disabled people from Merseyside led on the project development and made key decisions. They explored and re-interpreted the ‘ingredients’ of Liverpool’s cultural and historical identity, reflecting how these have evolved over time, and contribute to their own identities today.

The film was shown at the Walker Art Gallery between 8 December 2014 and 18 January 2015. There is further information about the project on the official ‘Recipe for Scouse’ website.

Acting group at the Walker Art Gallery

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