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Steve Judd

Director of World Museum

Senior management team

Steve became Director of World Museum in 2010. He is responsible for the strategic development of the venue which attracts over 750,000 visitor per year and for its internationally important natural science, physical science, antiquities and ethnology collections. He has worked for National Museums Liverpool all of his professional life, becoming curator of entomology and then head of zoology and deputy director at World Museum.

Steve has been passionate about natural history since his childhood days roaming the North Downs in Kent. After completing an environmental degree at London University, he was delighted to get a graduate trainee post at Liverpool Museum, as World Museum was known at the time. He completed his PhD on the systematics and biogeography of Palaearctic seed bugs and has retained an interest in this subject along with invertebrate conservation management.

Key publications

Steve is the author of 44 taxonomic biogeographical, faunistic and conservation management publications and the editor of 46 commissioned technical reports, two books and a regional entomological journal.