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We sell images from all parts of our collections and have a large archive of digital and scanned images.  We are able to scan from existing transparencies, if we do not already hold a digital image.  We regularly add to our stock of images

  • Browse through our most popular images .
  • If you're after a different image contact our photography serviceand our staff will help you to identify the image you want and advise if it is available.
  • Using images from this website- Unless they are credited to another individual or institution, all of the images on this website are wholly owned or licensed by National Museums Liverpool. You can save, copy and print our images from our website, provided that they are solely for your own personal use. Images printed from the website must not be used for reproduction or wider dissemination.

Third party copyright

Please note that some items within our collections are covered by copyright legislation and in addition to National Museum
Liverpool's copyright on the photograph, you may need to clear copyright with the copyright holder (usually the artist or their estate). Artistic works are protected in the EU from the date of creation for a period of the lifetime of the artist plus a minimum of 70 years. Where possible and appropriate we will provide you with contact details. The Design and Artists Copyright Society (DACS) represents many artists and estates for matters of copyright in the UK. Find out more from their website: www.dacs.org.uk