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Customer service standards

Our photographic service aims to meet and exceed customer requirements and expectations. The customer is the focal point of the process. We aim to provide a service that:

  • is clear and easy to use, with straightforward directions for ordering.
  • is reliable and consistently good quality, providing you with with accurately produced and labelled images.
  • has a prompt turnaround time. It should be no more than six weeks from our receipt of your order to your receipt of the completed order. A time allowance should be made for orders routed through other museum departments. We will attempt to meet shorter customer deadlines, but this is not guaranteed. All deadlines are monitored and you should be told about any delays.
  • communcates well with you throughout your order and thereafter, including providing you with information and responding to any queries and concerns.
  • is trustworthy and confidential.
  • is professional and competent. Our staff are trained and knowledgeable and willing to help.
  • is courteous and confident, supported by a positive attitude
  • listens to you. Your requirements should be understood and responded to appropriately.
  • is accessible for all current and potential users.
  • keeps complete customer records in case of customer query or repeat orders.
  • responds to written corespondence within 10 working days.
  • answers the telephone within six rings.