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Their Spirits by Laura Facey

Wooden boat

Exhibition content

This exhibition of artworks by Jamaican artist Laura Facey reflects on themes of the transatlantic slave trade. It communicates and captures not only the indescribable cruelty of slavery, but also the transcendent nature of the human spirit.

At the heart of the exhibition is 'Their Spirits Gone Before Them', 2006, an awe-inspiring sculpture that represents and transforms the iconic slave ship. The display also includes 'Weeping in Blood', a series of 10 framed prints, 'Oar for BA', a wall based sculpture and an interview with the artist.

“It’s not about ropes, chains or torture” but rather, it is a “sculpture that communicates transcendence, reverence, strength and unity through …man and woman.”

(Laura Facey, 2007, talking about 'Their Spirits Gone Before Them')  


  • Requires approx 100sqm.
  • Dimensions for 'Their Spirits Gone Before Them': 182.88 x 609.6 x 83.82 cm

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  • Available from September 2014.


For further information on hiring this exhibition or the individual artworks, please contact Laura Facey by email: laura@laurafacey.com