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Collections management training course

We offer free but limited places to Northwest Museums staff and their volunteers on our Collections Management course. The course comprises 17 modules and is delivered by National Museums Liverpool staff.

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If you would like to find out more about when these are or book a place on this day or on any of the modules, please contact Alyson Young on 0151 478 4674, or email alyson.young@liverpoolmuseums.org.uk


Module A1: Overview of Collections Management
21 September 2010
By the end of this module, delegates will understand the role of collections management within museums. By using National Museums Liverpool's Collections Management Policy and Procedures as a basis for discussion, it will explore definitions of the term 'collections management' and who does it. It will describe the current legal and ethical basis for sound collections management and discuss current external initiatives relating to collections and their management.

Module A2: Acquisitions
21 September 2010
The aim of this module is to help delegates understand the acquisition process and the issues surrounding collecting within museums. Delegates will identify the main sources of acquisition for museums and galleries and the issues related to the different methods. It will explore the legal and ethical issues linked to acquisition and discuss funding sources for acquisition, within the context of National Museums Liverpool's Acquisition Policy and Procedures.

Module A3: De-accessioning and Disposal
21 September 2010
This module will explore the issues surrounding de-accessioning and disposal within museums. It will look at the legal and ethical basis for de-accessioning and the ways in which items may be disposed from museum collections.

Module A4: Security
12 October 2010
This module aims to provide delegates with an understanding of the general principles for security in museums, the roles of the Security Adviser at the MLA and National Museums Liverpool's own Security Adviser. It will provide them with knowledge of the security requirements for the granting of UK Government Indemnity.

Module A5: Access to Reserve Collections
12 October 2010
This module explores the different mechanisms by which collections can be made more accessible to its various stakeholders. It discusses the health and safety, legal, ethical and security issues relating to increased access, using National Museums Liverpool's policy and procedure relating to access to collections, including Juniper Street Stores.

Module B1: Documentation
09 November 2010
Delegates will have an opportunity to identify the different types of information collected and used by museums and how it is recorded and stored. Delegates will explore the implications of failures in documentation through case studies and how this may be prevented.

Module B2: Marking and Labelling
14 December 2010

This is a practical module, which will provide the delegates with a basic understanding of marking and labelling, and where it fits in the documentation process. Delegates will have the opportunity to practice their skills in marking different types of materials.

Module B3: Copyright in Museum
11 January 2011

This module explores the basics of copyright law and how it applies to museums. It provides delegates with the tools to recognise and understand the difference between a copyright assignment and licence and when they might be applicable

Module B4: Research
08 February 2011

The aim of this module is to provide delegates with the tools to carry out museum-based research.

Module C1: Inward and Outward Loans
08 March 2011

Using National Museums Liverpool's policies and procedures regarding inward and outward loans, delegates will gain an introduction to how the loans process may be managed.

Module C2: Courier Training
05 April 2011

Delegates will be introduced to National Museums Liverpool's Courier Guidelines, the circumstances when couriers may be required and the role and responsibilities of the courier.

Module D1: Introduction to Environmental Control
17 May 2011

Delegates will gain a basic understanding of the effect of light, temperature, humidity and pollutants upon museum collections and why environmental control is an essential element of collections management.

Module D2: Displaying Objects
07 June 2011

This module will provide an introduction to aspects of displaying objects, including object selection and content, label writing, appropriate methods and materials for the safe display of objects.

Module D3: Emergency Planning Awareness
05 July 2011

This module will provide delegates with an understanding of National Museums Liverpool's approach to emergency planning including National Museums Liverpool's Minor and Major Incident Plans.

Module D4: Handling, Packing and Movement
26 July 2011

Delegates will learn about National Museums Liverpool's procedures regarding handling and moving objects, packing methods and materials and the correct use of the documentation.

Module D5: Storage
26 July 2011

The aim of this module is to provide delegates with an understanding of the storage requirements of various collection types, identify safe materials for storage and the range of buildings used by museums as stores and the issues that this may present.

Module D6: Pest Control
23 August 2011

The aim of this module is to provide delegates with an understanding of the circumstances under which pests thrive, how to recognise signs of pest activity and identify them and how to prevent pests from damaging collections.