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Common name Scientific name Place collected/locality Collector Date collected
Blackbelly Swamp Snake Hemiaspis signata (Jan, 1859 Australia: Queensland: Brisbane: Redland Bay Sorensen, E 1956-04-29
Brown Tree Snake Boiga irregularis (Merrem, 1802) Australia: Queensland: Toogoolawah Launder, G 1958-02-22
Carpet Python Morelia spilota (Lacepede, 1804) Australia: Queensland: Brisbane: Dorrington Burn, P H 1957-10-27
Chocolate Blind Snake Rhamphotyphlops proximus (Waite, 1833) Australia: Queensland: Morayfield Viseutin, A J 1960-11-27
Common Bronzeback Dendrelaphis punctulatus (Gray, 1828) Oceania: Australia: Queensland: Brisbane Leong, G 1654-03-30
Common Keelback Tropidonophis mairii (Gray, 1841) Oceania: Australia: Queensland: Brisbane Searle, P K 1957-11-07
Northern Leaftail Gecko Phyllurus cornutus (Ogilby, 1892) Australia: Queensland: Eagle Heights Dobbie, L C 1957-02-10
Pale-headed Snake Hoplocephalus bitorquatus (Jan, 1859) Australia: Queensland: Brisbane: Cooyar Williams, K 1956-11-12
Red-naped Snake Furina diadema (Schlegel, 1837) Australia: Queensland: Brisbane: Oxley Webster, A 1956-09-08
White Crowned Snake Cacophis harriettae Krefft, 1869 Australia: Queensland: Brisbane: Darra Cook, W A 1958-04-10
Yellow-faced Whipsnake Demansia psammophis (Schlegel, 1837) Australia: Queensland: Brisbane: Strathpine Ince, M 1957-10-26