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Name: Beasley, G Mrs
Date of birth:
Date of death:
Biography: Aunt of Harry G Beasley. Married to George Beasley
Description: Aunt of Harry G Beasley. Married to George Beasley.
Relationship: Previous owner

Name: Beasley, Harry Geoffrey
Date of birth: 1881-12-18
Date of death: 1939-02-24
Biography: Ethnography collector and curator
Description: Beasley was a prolific collector of ethnographic items. His collection numbered over 6,000 items and is distributed between the British Museum, National Museums Scotland, the Pitt Rivers Museum, Cambridge University Museum of Archaeology and Anthropo... more
Relationship: Collector

Name: Beasley, Irene
Date of birth: 1883
Date of death: 1973
Biography: Donor to ethnology and antiquities collection, wife of Harry Geoffrey Beasley
Description: First cousin and wife of Harry Geoffrey Beasley (1882-1939). HG Beasley's family owned a brewery in Kent and this wealthy background enabled him to collect ethnographic material and found a museum at Cranmore House, Chislehurst, Kent, in 1928. Betwee... more
Relationship: Previous owner