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Giovanni Pierantoni

1742-1817, sculptor and restorer

Giovanni Pierantoni 1742-1817) was a sculptor and restorer, who worked for the Vatican from 1771 and unofficially was an associate of Thomas Jenkins restoring and advising on the sale and export of sculptures. He was known by his contemporaries as La Sposino (little husband) and he was well respected by both Jenkins and Hamilton. He financed and provided labour for Hamilton's excavation at Acquatraversa in 1796 and had also worked on findings from Hamilton's excavation at Monte Cagnolo in 1774. He was also the chief restorer of the new Museo Pio Clementino and decorated the museum buildings and repaired new acquisitions. He has trained with Bartolomeo Cavaceppi and married his niece Flavia. Letters by Jenkins quoted Pierantoni's advice about practical matters to do with the marbles and recommendations of licences by Visconti. He restored the antiquities from the Villa Negroni and gave details of the Caryatid that Townley bought. He also advised on the cleaning of the Bernini fountain. He worked with Hamilton and restored his sculptures including the bronze Antinous. He was the financial backers and packer of the excavation of the Prince Marcantonio's Borghese land on the Via Cassa. Sculpture he created included the statue of his benefactor Pope Pius VI . When he died his antiquities were sold to the Museo Chiaramonti.
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