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Daniel Alexander Williamson

Liverpool-born English landscape painter (1823 - 1903) influenced by the Pre-Raphaelite style

Williamson was reportedly descended from the influential Williamsons of Ripon, founders of Yorkshire banks, artists and inventors of enamel paint. In 1861 he left London to return to his native Lancashire where he continued to paint his works in a pure Pre-Raphaelite manner. He didn't know any Pre-Raphaelite artists personally, but he regularly went on painting trips with his fellow Liverpool artist, William Lindsay Windus (1822 - 1907). Windus previously had gone to London in 1850 at the suggestion of his patron John Miller to see the Pre-Raphaelites, and as a result of that visit, they were invited to exhibit at the Liverpool Academy.

Williamson's vision of nature, as manifest in his landscape paintings, was influenced by the Pre-Raphaelites' attention to detail, combined with bright colours which were applied in thin glazes to a white background. The Pre-Raphaelites had developed this technique to give the colours a much greater luminosity and intensity.
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