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"It is vital to recognise how important your possessions and stories are, and to consider what being Black in Liverpool really means. If you don’t tell your own story then someone else will tell it for you, and that will never do you justice. Or worse your history could be hidden all together." Heather Roberts, heritage consultant

Tell us about the people and places that matter. Share your stories; show us your images or objects. The more we know about what is out there, the more we can support people in preserving collections for future generations. We are big believers that knowledge, and sharing that knowledge, is power. And sharing is caring, so show us what you've got!

Museum collections play a part of telling that story but we’ll never have all the pieces of this complex jigsaw. It’s only through people sharing what they have that we build a fuller and richer picture of what life is like for Black people in Liverpool. If you don’t have objects you can still get involved in lots of ways:

  • Tell us your story.
  • Help us spread the word about the project and encourage others to get involved.

Our Sankofa blogs highlight some of the incredible collections we have already learnt more about.

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"Together, we will aim to ensure collections and stories from beyond our museum borders are not lost, but uncovered and preserved and their important contribution to our collective histories is documented and shared." Janet Dugdale, National Museums Liverpool

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Sankofa project

Working together to explore Liverpool's Black experience.

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Dress with family photographs printed on the fabric

Helen Woolstencroft: from migration to me

In this guest blog for the Sankofa project and as part of Black History Month, artist Helen Woolstencroft reveals how family and history play an important role in her sense of identity as an artist.

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Behind the scenes at Brazilica

International Slavery Museum Young Ambassador, Lois South, had the opportunity to go behind the scenes at Liverpool Carnival Company and interview their Director Maeve Morris.

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