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The need for conservation

Man carefully removing protective cover sheet from a drawing in a storage box in a conservation studio

A 1989 report concluded that 60% of the collection of National Museums Liverpool was in need of conservation. When you consider that we hold over 1 million objects just in World Museum you see the scale of the problem. We were not alone - there was growing national concern over the condition of the works of art, scientific specimens and other cultural objects held in Britain’s collections.

The conservation division

The trustees of the museum made the care and conservation of the collections a priority. First a conservation division was created, gathering together the people with the skills to look after the objects in our own and other collections (details of their work can be found on the conservation departments pages). Next housing needed to be found for the department; accommodation that provided environmentally sound workspaces for the conservators. This led to the creation of the Conservation Centre.

Sculptures and a conservator