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Collections management division staff

Please note that you can contact the collections management division| for general enquiries, or for more specific information refer to the relevant departments below.

It might help to read through our frequently asked questions| to conservators before you get in touch. Further information about the work of each department is also available in the conservation departments| section.


Objects conservation

  • Head of objects conservation, post currently vacant
  • Senior organics conservator, Tracey Seddon
  • Head of furniture conservation, Graham Usher
  • Head of ship and historic models conservation, Chris Moseley
  • Ship and historic models conservator, David Parsons
  • Head of metals conservation, Steve Newman
  • Head of ceramics conservation, Janet Wilson

Paintings, paper and frame conservation

  • Head of paintings, paper and frame conservation, Ann Stewart
  • Senior paintings conservator, David Crombie
  • Paintings conservator, Rebecca Kench
  • Paper conservator, Keith Oliver
  • Conservation mount cutter, Nicola Lewis
  • Head of framing conservation, Roy Irlam

Sculpture conservation

  • Head of sculpture conservation, Lottie Barnden 

Engineering and maritime conservation

  • Head of engineering and maritime conservation, Jonathan Carr
  • Head of industrial and land transport conservation, Justin Garside-Taylor
  • Senior ship conservator, Eamonn Farrell
  • Conservator, Dale Riley

Documentation, digitisation and registration

  • Head of documentation, digitisation and registration, Anne Fahy
  • Registrar, Samantha Howes
  • Registrar, Godfrey Burke
  • Registrar, Claire Sedgwick

Conservation science

  • Head of conservation science, Siobhan Watts

Collections services and logistics

  • Head of collections services and logistics, Lucy Renwick
  • Senior handling and transport technician, Richard Roberts
  • Senior handling and transport technician, Nick Sykes
  • Store development manager, Gemma Dolan