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Ceramics and glass conservation

conservator working on ancient ceramic dish

A Greek Kylix undergoing final retouching after full reconstruction.

We are responsible for National Museums Liverpool's vast collection of ceramic and glass objects. Many of the objects that come under our care date back thousands of years and are representative of many different cultures. The purpose of each object also varies and can be utilitarian, ceremonial or decorative.

Ceramic and glass material covers a wide range of sub materials. Ceramics range from low fired earthenware to high fired porcelain, and glass from potash glass, to lead glass. It is essential for the ceramics and glass conservator to have a good understanding of the constituents that make up ceramic and glass objects, as the care and treatment may vary according to composition.

Responsibilities of the department range from care of collections, to preparing material for display or loan to other museums. We also carry out interventive conservation treatment which can include simple cleaning techniques to full reconstruction of objects, using current conservation techniques and materials.

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