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The conservators

Ten conservators worked on the Lutyens cathedral model during the lifetime of this mammoth project. Several were brought in for specific aspects of work due to their particular areas of expertise. Towards the end of the project, in December 2005, all ten of the conservators were reunited in the conservation studio.

Geoff Liggett, Emlyn Davies and Karen Wilson established the early working methods. Ken Rylands a peerless craftsman built the lantern, belfries and spires. David Parsons completed the nave and created the statues. Bernie Morgan and John Whitehead crafted the sanctuary and high altar. Suzanne Ross and Judith Hodges worked on the painted surfaces. Chris Moseley planned and led the project from start to finish, producing detailed working drawings where none existed.

Have a look at photos of some of the conservators at work in the image gallery.