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detail showing overlapping layers of canvas at the corner of the painting

Detailed image showing the two lining canvases of 'Man of War in a Harbour'

On examination of the painting, it is clear that the canvas is attached to a stretcher which is not original. The canvas tension is quite taught, probably due to the fact that the painting has been lined twice, and the original and first lining canvas's turnover edges have been removed. The edge of the original canvas is irregular. Cusping is evident along the top horizontal edge. It is possible that this is part of a flattened original turnover edge.

The lower horizontal edge has remnants of brown tape, which appears to be from the earlier, first, lining and does not appear to have been fully removed when the canvas was lined a second time.

The image above shows:

  1. Second lining canvas. This supports the painting and is attached to the stretcher with tacks.
  2. First lining canvas
  3. Edge of the original canvas