Our venues

Loans to other venues

Below are three of the venues where you can see National Museums Liverpool objects on display:

Castle Howard, York

marble bust

Marble bust of a bearded man, 1st Century AD 

If you visit Castle Howard near York, you will see 27 classical sculptures on loan from National Museums Liverpool. The sculptures were originally owned by the Howard Family on display at Castle Howard and were accepted by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport under the Acceptance in Lieu Scheme and allocated to National Museums Liverpool. Under an in situ arrangement, the sculptures have remained on loan to Castle Howard. 

Norton Priory Museum and Gardens

wooden sculpture of a man carrying a child

National Museums Liverpool has lent to Norton Priory a gigantic sandstone statue of St Christopher with the Christ Child, dating to around 1391. Originally from Norton Priory, the statue was presented to National Museums Liverpool in 1964 by the previous owner of the Priory, Sir Richard Brooke.  St Christopher weighs in at over 2 tonnes and is three and half metres tall.  

Gwynedd Museum and Gallery, Bangor


The Crown of Bardsey is on loan to Gwynedd Museum and Gallery in Bangor, for inclusion in an exhibition about Bardsey Island. It was worn by the King of Bardsey, a title that was bestowed on successive community leaders of Bardsey Island (Ynys Enlli), near Bangor, by Lord Newborough.