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Launch of Mauretania II at Cammell Laird, 1938

Archive reference 38597-14

Front view of large ship just before launch. Thousands of people are watching in the shipyard and peering over the railings on the deck of the ship

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Mauretania II at her launch. Launches at Cammell Laird’s during this time drew immense crowds to witness the spectacle of these massive constructions first entering the water. Mauretania’s maiden voyage was from Liverpool to New York in 1939. The vessel served as a troop ship during World War II and continued in service until 1965.

Further information is available on the Maritime records at Wirral archives, including Cammell Laird and Cunard Line information sheets from the Maritime Archives and Library. This photograph was commissioned by Cunard White Star Ltd and Cammell Laird and Co Ltd.

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