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Arthur Dooley, sculptor

sculptor in overalls in his workshop

© Stephen Shakeshaft

"Famous for his Liverpool repartee and his controversial bronze statues Arthur wasn't bashful, he just couldn't understand why I would want to take his photograph. 'Don't be interested in me' he said, 'take a picture of the statues'."

Stephen Shakeshaft

Reminiscence sessions

A number of reminiscence sessions were held during the exhibition in which people discussed the events, places and people captured in Stephen Shakeshaft's evocative photographs. Here is an example of the responses to this picture:

"As a child I paid a visit to Arthur Dooley's sister and mother's house for tea and toasted tea-cakes. The sister was a Sunday teacher and loved to have children from the church round for high tea!"

Arthur Dooley archive

Find out more about the Liverpool sculptor on the Arthur Dooley archive website.