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Candlelight portrait

lady sat at table lit by a single candle

© Stephen Shakeshaft

"Liverpool was changing. Edge Hill was disappearing, the houses of Everton were on the builders' skips. Left with only gaslight or candlelight, electricity was long gone.."

Stephen Shakeshaft

Reminiscence sessions

A number of reminiscence sessions were held during the exhibition in which people discussed the events, places and people captured in Stephen Shakeshaft's evocative photographs. Here are some examples of the responses to this picture:

"The lady sitting at the table with a lighted candle - totally fed up - reminds me of the strikes of the late 70s when the power cuts came unannounced reducing us to darkness and conversation... if the family was home!"

"Some of these photographs remind me of my nanna who lived in Portland Gardens, Kirkdale. The hardship you can see in the creases on the faces reminds me of how much Liverpool has moved on for some but not all."