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Liverpool docks

dockers with a broom and a barrow in front of ships in docks

© Stephen Shakeshaft

"The dockers provided the backbone to the city and its commerce. I covered dockers' strikes and pickets, I was there when they received their redundancy notices and when they realised their jobs were gone, replaced by the container monsters of Seaforth."

Stephen Shakeshaft

Reminiscence sessions

A number of reminiscence sessions were held during the exhibition in which people discussed the events, places and people captured in Stephen Shakeshaft's evocative photographs. Here are some examples of the responses to this picture:

"Half my working life was spent on the south and north docks. I am old enough to remember the trams, the Overhead Railway, St John's Market, the pubs, the ships, the men, dockers' canteen and the industry dying. Sugar and animal feed are still in my nostrils."

"I remember the ship 'Itaite' working regularly in the 1970s."
Tom, ex dockworker.

"On the Docker's Umbrella when I was probably about 7 years old with my grandad. I remember being fascinated by a Chinese gent wearing overalls smiling at me with his set of gold teeth."