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Stephen Shakeshaft

Stephen Shakeshaft started his career as a copy boy in 1962, running typed stories from the sub-editors' desk to the print room for the Liverpool Daily Post and Echo. Later he was accepted as an apprentice there, learning his trade and his art. He rose to become chief photographer and picture editor of both papers.

To say that he has seen it all is a cliché, but Stephen has seen most of it during his career. He has photographed the rise and break-up of The Beatles, the rivalry between Catterick's Everton and Shankly's Liverpool, the aftermath of the Hillsborough disaster and so much more.

Between the major events are his photographs of ordinary Merseyside life. Stephen has chronicled old communities of family and friends, capturing a part of Liverpool that has now largely disappeared.

"You can talk about the Capital of Culture, but Liverpool's culture has always been its people.

As a photographer in Liverpool you have always got to see the funny side of life. If you take yourself too seriously you will not get away with it, working on a local newspaper. It is a case of looking left and right and not just straight ahead."
Stephen Shakeshaft

Photo of Stephen Shakeshaft