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Senior Paintings Conservator

We asked a Senior Paintings Conservator at National Museums Liverpool why and how they chose this as a career

conservator treating a painting

"In many cases, people don't get involved in conservation from the outset (after school or college for instance) but might arrive at it after doing other things. This can be good as they may bring a variety of different experiences to the profession.

I was in this situation as I had started out as an archaeologist, and it was only after periods spent looking at excavated finds and recording them that I got interested in the process of conserving them. After that I discovered I could train to carry out conservation to oil paintings, which made a final link for me between my interest in art and conservation.

For me, conservation represents a perfect combination of the satisfaction in applying practical skills, but in a context where academic learning and training form the basis of how and why you do what you do every day. The paintings are literally in the conservator's hands, and that direct responsibility for the care and preservation of a work of art for the future is a definite reward and motivation for doing the job"

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