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student helping conservator

A work experience student helping a conservator to x-ray a painting

Links to the curriculum

The work in the Centre is a fascinatingly unique mix of art, history, culture and science which engages all ages, from pre-school to the elderly. Many areas of the school curriculum have links with the work of the Conservation Centre. For more information please contact us|.

Site visits, studio tours and demonstrations for teachers

We host site visits, studio tours and demonstrations for interested groups of all ages. Conservators give lectures and demonstrations at a wide range of public events including science festivals, conferences and activity sessions at other National Museums Liverpool venues.

Pupil placements and work experience

In addition to volunteering opportunities | the Conservation Centre at National Museums Liverpool offers work experience placements on request from schools. These placements are usually for school students and last one or two weeks. For more information contact us|.

Recent placements have included:

  • a two week conservation administration project
  • a week long project in the 3D laser scanning section
  • a two day placement in the conservation science laboratory