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Our opinion service lets you find out more about how to care your objects.

conservator examining a damaged ceramic figurine

Do you have a treasured object at home that you’d like some advice about?

Our conservators are dedicated to caring for the collections of National Museums Liverpool. However, they are also available to offer you advice on the care of your objects. To find out more about how to care for your object, please make an appointment with the most suitable conservation department:

If you are not sure who you should contact you can email the collections management division.

About the opinion service

When you come in for your appointment remember to wrap your object well to protect it for the journey.

Please note that conservators give advice on object care, handling and storage. They are not able to provide valuations. If you need information about the object’s history, rather than its care and preservation, please make enquiries at the information desk to see a curator at one of National Museums Liverpool’s other museums or galleries.

Objects will be examined in the presence of the owner and will not be dismantled for examination.

If objects need conservation treatment, advice on how to find a conservator will be provided. National Museums Liverpool cannot be held responsible for any work undertaken. Objects cannot be accepted for treatment or storage by National Museums Liverpool.

Information on conservation practitioners and suppliers

National Museums Liverpool does not provide endorsement of any company or product related to conservation or restoration, nor any warranty that a particular company, product or process will prove suitable for your requirements. Any decision by you to employ a company or product is entirely at your own risk and the trustees of National Museums Liverpool cannot accept any liability whatsoever should the result not be to your satisfaction.

In taking note of the above information, you are warned and deemed to have accepted that any recourse for loss, damage or injury is against the company or manufacturer concerned and not against the trustees of National Museums Liverpool.