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'Behave to-day, if for the only time.
Take care the Lord Mayor does not find you out.
For heaven's sake don't grow when they remove your swathing sheet.'

JM Barrie, 16 June 1928

With these words Liverpool's Sefton Park greeted its latest resident. They were sent by telegram from author J M Barrie to Peter Pan - addressed, 'Peter Pan, Sefton Park, Liverpool', the boy who refused to grow up. Cast in bronze, surrounded by fairies and animals, he was a gift to the children of Liverpool. Presented by George Audley in 1928, the statue has remained a favourite with children of all ages ever since.

Peter Pan illustration
Peterp Pan illustration
Peter Pan statue in Sefton Park


On 1 December 2005 the statue of Peter Pan was returned to Sefton Park after being restored at National Museums Liverpool's Conservation Centre.

During the restoration, the Conservation Centre appealed for people's memories and photographs of Peter Pan. Collected here, they illustrate the affection felt by generations of children for this magical statue.

Through these recollections we can see how one man's vision of eternal youth would echo around the world.

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