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Fairies with squirrel

Figure of squirrel had to be replaced

Peter Pan in the Conservation Centre

Peter Pan moving into the Sculpture Studio.

Squirrel illustrationConservation - before

Peter Pan had stood in Sefton Park for well over seventy years and was in need of some attention. Peter's pipes were missing, as was the squirrel and the head of one of the fairies! Another fairy's head had been cut off and re-welded leaving the cut marks on the back of her neck. Peter Pan had to travel to the Conservation Centre. The sculpture was lifted onto a pallet on the back of a truck and using the internal overhead cranes, placed in the Sculpture Studio.

Before cleaning began, the sculpture was turned on its side to see the condition of the bronze on the inside. Large areas of bright green bronze corrosion had built up on the surface and the iron rivets and bolts holding the different sections of the sculpture together had started to rust. Rivets and bolts were cleaned using a wire brush and a rust protector was applied to prevent any future corrosion and stabilise the surface.

Statue interiorFairy with missing headDamaged fairy head

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Left: Inside the statue [larger version, opens new window]
Centre: Damaged fairy [larger version, opens new window]
Right: Cut in fairy's head [larger version, opens new window]


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