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Memories Board

Here you can share your memories of the Peter Pan statue in Liverpool's Sefton Park.

Post your message and it will be forwarded to the site moderator for consideration. Not all postings will make it to the website, but we hope to include as many as we can. Please note that it may take a day or two for the responses to be updated. The views and memories of people posting on the site are not necessarily shared by the museum.

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Posted by: paul mc - 13/08/2003
It would be great to see the statue reinstated in its origional location, but unfortunately I think the hacksaws would be coming out again. I took my 3 kids to the park with the intention to video the day out and see some of the features the park has to offer, needless to say I didn´t do much filming. Hopefully now we are the Capital of culture we should reclaim the beauty our parks once had and maybe stock the Palm house with more plants for a start.

Posted by: Fred Smith - 15/08/2003
Peter Pan
I used to scramble about that in the early 70´s I seem to remember a wren on the left, and a sparrow on the right enabled top-Pan view....... then me mum told me to stop! Sigh - fun.

Posted by: Saranda - 22/08/2003
Peter Pan
I went to the park with my family and we saw the statue and my sister ran and climbed right to the top. I think that they should bring the statue back because the peter pan statue brought beauty to the sefton park.

Posted by: Albulena - 22/08/2003
Peter Pan
When I first saw the statue I was 11 years old and I thought it was so nice and I went back to see it a few times, also my littel brother loved it. One day when I went to see it it wasen´t there and I was a bit upset. I would love to see it in the park again.

Posted by: Ian J Meikle - 11/11/2003
Peter Pan
Thank you to all at the Liverpool Conservation centre for all of their work. I was especially fond of Sefton Park´s Peter Pan as a child and was upset when it was vandalised. When will the statue be back on public display?


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