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Memories Board

Here you can share your memories of the Peter Pan statue in Liverpool's Sefton Park.

Post your message and it will be forwarded to the site moderator for consideration. Not all postings will make it to the website, but we hope to include as many as we can. Please note that it may take a day or two for the responses to be updated. The views and memories of people posting on the site are not necessarily shared by the museum.

The latest postings can be read below.


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Posted by: john faid - 23/11/2003
peter pan
We are looking to buy a mannequin or lifesize cardboard cut-out for our 3 year old grand-daughter as she is besotted with him, can you help us?

Posted by: JAMES TAYLOR - 02/02/2004
Peter Pan is a wonderful figure representing eternal youth. I was heart broken when our very own statue disappeared from public view. Hop[efully soon it will be back in its rightful place in Sefton Park so we can enjoy its beauty once again. It will be thanks to the Conservation Team at NML. I believe that the beauty has been preserved. I sincerely hope that future generations will know and love our cast figure of Peter Pan. May it always be in our city´s hearts. Thank you.

Posted by: JANE PETERSON - 02/02/2004
Peter Pan the one who never grew up...that describes a lot of the people I know, ever wanting to grow up. I love the statue. I never even realised it had gone until I saw it in the Conservation Centre last time I visited. It is such a shame. I hope that if it returns the vandals will grow up and leave Peter and his friends alone.

Posted by: CLAIRE JONES - 03/02/2004
Now that Peter Pan the movie has been released I think its time we put our beautiful statue back into public view. My daughter loves the film and I told her all about the statue yet I cant show it to her - so sad

Posted by: Gena - 18/02/2004
peter pan
I love peter pan. Never growing up. With all my haert and soul i say that some part of us believes and always stays young. Second to the right and straight on till morning. I would like to say that the new movie touched my heart. The cast was brilliant. Great job guys. I love you jeremy. Never grow up.-----------Love, Gena

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