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Shall We Pause for a Moment?

Squirrel illustrationThe Lover of the Children – the Maker of the Statue – has been called to this rest. Conducted by Tinker Bell and the Fairies he has moved from this dell to another and fairer one….

The muffled drums – the booming of the guns from the ship – the music. There call out Peter and Wendy, Tiger Lily and Gentleman Starkey, and John comes, too, and they bow their heads in silence. Darting from this covert and that, come the wee fairies, bringing twigs and berries and leaves; and Peter, with love in his heart, lays this tribute and offering at the foot of the throne – And Wendy weeps.

Wendy Tells a Story

Wendy: ‘I want to tell you a story. Once upon a time – ‘
Children: ‘We’ve heard that one before. Tell us something new, Wendy’

So Wendy, the mother, with her children gathered round, tries to tell a story.

Michael thoroughly enjoys himself for he has got a pillow that is yearning for a fight. Nibs and he come to blows. Then they all fight and feathers fly, but it is all in good humour. They are just full of the spirit of youth.

And so Wendy gives up telling the story and Slightly takes a hand in it. He receives very little help because his story is an awful one; there is no laugh in it at all; so the Lost Boys prefer a pillow dance, which is much more exciting.

But look, Peter is coming. Sailing on his nest on the bosom of the lake is the valiant Peter Pan. Cries of ‘Bravo!’ rend the air and they lift him out of his nest and he takes command of his little band immediately.

In the meantime deadly battle is raging between the Red Indians and the vicious Jimmy Hook. As the battle proceeds Peter is anxious, but he prophesies that the Indians may win. If they do, then the tom-tom will be sounded and all will be well.

But the best men’s plans often fail, and the Red Indians are driven back before the cutlasses of the Pirates; Smee, with the cunning which belongs to a nature of his kind, sneaks the tom-tom back to the ship and, knowing the meaning of the sign, sounds it, misleading Peter, Wendy and the Lost Boys.

Unaware of their danger they prepare to leave, and all are prepared to go except Peter, who prefers to remain.

Wendy: ‘Now, Peter, if you must stop, don’t forget your flannels, and mind you take your medicine. I am leaving it here for you.’

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