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Pageant Book

Squirrel illustrationThe little mother leaves Peter’s medicine at the foot of the statue and one by one they go out only to be caught by the Pirates who, stealthily emerging from their cover, carry the frantic, kicking Lost Boys across the plank into the cabin of the ‘Jolly Roger’, excepting Michael, whom Smee keeps for a little tit-bit at the end. Let me tell you little Michael puts up a good fight, with his tiny legs. And meanwhile Peter, unaware of the danger, has fallen asleep.

There is no end to the cunning of Hook. He enters with the object of poisoning Peter’s medicine and retires with a satanic look on his ugly face, having accomplished his desire.

Tinker Bell enters and, knowing Hook’s intent, takes upon herself the sacrifice of drinking Peter Pan’s medicine. It soon has a deadly effect. In her agony she rings her bells and disturbs Peter. Peter grasps the situation in a minute.

Peter: ‘ Did you drink my medicine?’
Tinker Bell replies in the affirmative.
‘And it was poisoned?’ says Peter.

Tinker Bell struggles into the bushes to die.

All the fine manhood in Peter rises and, driven to extremities, he rushes hither and thither crying to the children around him: ‘Do you believe in fairies? If you do, Tinker Bell will live. Do say you believe in fairies’ oh do, do!’

And then a thundering cry goes up from all the little hearts who do believe in fairies. ‘Yes!’ clapping their hands with great fervour, brings from Peter the great cry, ‘She lives; she lives!’

Going to Tinker Bell in the bushes, this is confirmed. She lives. Yes, and fairies still live all the world over. Don’t you think so, too?

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