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Pageant Book

In Trouble Again

Squirrel illustrationLife is full of woes and troubles and there are people in the world who are never happy unless they are miserable, or trying to make other people miserable.

Jimmy Hook was not a Pirate for nothing. Coming into the world he must have bumped up against a world he must have bumped up against a wolf, and not a fairy, which makes him sour and disagreeable and at enmity with his fellows.

He is not content with raiding the other ships on the ocean but he must come ashore to annoy Wendy and her happy associates.

‘Where is my enemy?’ he cries, looking round for Peter, who to him is the proverbial ‘red rag to the bull’.

Smee, shaking with terror, a not unnatural occupation, denies all knowledge, but the eagle eye of Hook is not to be deceived. Turning quickly around to the left he espies his enemy, Peter Pan, and in his rage he cannot distinguish it to be in bronze.

Jimmy nearly chokes with anger, and with his usual violent language demands why he should be perpetually haunted by the figure of his thoroughly detested, malignant enemy.

He attempts to scale the statue to bring the young hero down, but having twice barked his shins, conjures up a more vindictive method. ‘Gadshooks and Bottleflies’, he shouts, ‘Fire on him!’ His language is most picturesque and as a result of this terrifying bullying the guns open fire, but nothing happens.

Nothing evil can happen to a Peter Pan. That is why all young children try to imitate him. So Hook, his mind still seething with disappointment and rage, calls for the Donor of the Statue – you remember I told you all about him – and roughly places him in front of the beautiful monument.

‘Now we shall see the guns do their deadly work and no more shall my enemy provoke me to anger and displeasure – And this man shall walk the p-e-r-l-a-n-k’.

The guns boom out again more fiercely than ever. Still nothing happens. The Rock of Gibraltar is no more impregnable than Peter Pan, and the Red Indians, always on the scent for a scrap, come round and form a bodyguard to the Godfather whom the fairies love so much.

But a little catastrophe has happened in the meantime. Some of the shells from the ship have caught Wendy’s house and it is no longer habitable. Its broken pieces lie around on the edge of the forest and the fairies weep.

This crime of destruction cheers Jimmy Hook for the moment.
‘Ah, ah, ah, ah’, he cries; ‘they have no house to live in. This Peter and Wendy, they will have to walk the Park. At night the wolves will frighten them and the ants will eat them up’.

He smacks his lips with a sense of sweet revenge.

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