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Pageant Book

The Pirate Ship

Squirrel illustrationThings have come to a pretty pass, and Hook is in possession. The Lost Boys have found themselves cramped in the stifling cabin of the ‘Jolly Roger’, and Jimmy is rubbing, in gruesome expectancy, his iron hook against his one remaining hand.

‘Call the prisoners’, cries he with violence; and trembling they are brought in chains and Wendy made fast to the mast.

Things look black for the Lost Boys. Terror strikes into their souls as the terrible Hook declares that they shall walk the pl..nk – and if they would live they must denounce the King whom they serve, acclaim Jimmy to be the man in authority. Like Britons they refuse, and there floats through the air, ‘Rule, Britannia; Britannia Rules the Waves’.

Hook is furious and works himself into a new frenzy.

In the meantime, the alert and keen Peter has found his way on the ship by transport on the nest, and rushes hastily to search for the children. His ‘Cock-a-doodle-doo’ cry annoys Jimmy Hook, who drives one of his team into the cabin where he is soon demolished.

It is now Gentleman Starkey’s turn to pale and he faces death overboard in preference to following his mate’s example. Smee, who previously has been busy with his sewing machine, is terrified, and Cecco literally dithers.

Jimmy Hook is puzzled. ‘Why this Cock-a-doodle-doo? Why is everyone afraid? I will come and fetch them out myself’, cries he in anger. But Peter anticipates him, and making a quick exit from the cabin substitutes himself for Wendy.

Matters become hot and furious, and an open battle between the Pirates, Peter Pan and the Lost Boys ensues. This is soon reduced to a battle of two. At first the valiant youngster, Peter Pan, is losing, by things change suddenly and Hook, fearing himself being defeated, attempts to blow up the magazine only to be frustrated again by Peter, who by now is considered to be living a charmed life.

It arrives at last –the moment for which the Lost Boys, Peter and Wendy have lived- the undoing of Jimmy Hook. Into the water he goes and his cries are drowned in the Crocodile’s self-satisfaction as he clicks his jaws together. That’s the end of Hook, and it is Michael who leads the applause and throws his cap the highest in the air –and Michael receives quick promotion to Captain.

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