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The Birds Carry Good News

Squirrel illustrationNow that their minds are at rest, Peter and Wendy set themselves down to affairs of a more domesticated character. They are tires of the struggle with Hook and want a diversion. They sit down and contemplate things, and as their minds wander over the beautiful work at the foot of which they are resting, it comes to them that they would like to send some messages.

When we are happy we always want to do two things, one to smile and then to write a letter to somebody. I wonder why are we not happy more often? So Peter and Wendy decide to send some messages to those they love.

Although blessed with many presents for the wee house, they have not been fortunate enough to have any ink – and ink is a luxury, you know. So they must look around to find some method of writing. A feather dropped by the Red Indians is soon converted into a beautiful pen. Nana collects a cup of water, into which the juice of the red berry is squeezed, and that is so much to go on with.

But what about the note paper? The Rose Maidens, who have been busy giving out the joys of their life, provide the means, and Peter sets to work to write out messages of love and goodwill to their friends.

Wendy: ‘To whom are you writing, Peter?

Peter: ‘To the author, Sir James Barrie. I am just saying ‘Thank you, Mr Author; thank you very, very much. Wendy loves her new home in Sefton Park. We wish you were here. We have put Jimmy Hook in the lake where the Crocodile is. With our love and kisses, Peter Pan’

Wendy: ‘But, Peter, I want to write one too’.

Peter: ‘Remember you’re a lady, Wendy, and you cannot write to a gentleman. I’ll do all the writing if you don’t mind’.

But Wendy is not so easily crushed –she helps- so messages are written to Camden Town, Kensington Gardens and Brussels.

But again the question of expense troubles the cautious Wendy, for she is always on the look-out to save the household finances. Tiger Lily comes to their aid, bringing in a basket of birds. These are requisitioned to carry off the messages of congratulation. As they rise, with the messages attached to their tiny legs, the children first breathe their affection through the wireless waves of the air.

The birds on the tree tops look on –chirp- open their tiny beaks and yawn –and are- well… amused.

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