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Pageant Book

Wendy Secures a New Lease

Squirrel illustrationJimmy Hook has done his worst. He has destroyed Wendy’s home and Peter and she are desolate. They remember the threat of Jimmy that he will be worried by wolves and eaten up by the ants. It is not a pleasant end to the house warming; besides, they are not very anxious to sleep on a dewy bed even on a starry night.

‘Who is to find us a new home’, cries Wendy. ‘It will cost such a lot of money and it will take us a long time to collect it’.

Peter replies that he will again ask the Lord of the Flowing River and the Lady of the Bright Eyes to assist, and they have also heard of the Lover of the Big Trees who is wont at night to walk around the part and admire its beauties. They consult and place their difficulties before them.

Who can resist Wendy? Who has been able since the day she was born to resist her? And who can say ‘nay’ to Peter Pan?

So they begin the glorious adventure of housebuilding.

The Lady of the Bright Eyes, the Lord of the Flowing River, the Fairies’ Godfather and the Lover of the Big Trees shall each plant a tree as the four corners of Wendy’s new home, and so it is a merry house-party that starts the building operations. With zeal and energy the Red Indians carry backwards and forwards the materials for the new house. There is plenty of willing assistance. Solomon’s Temple never had more enthusiastic workmen.

And now the home of Wendy is ready, and will last for years, and years, and years, and we shall go every Sunday in the summertime and watch how the four posts have grown.

And Wendy means to have another party very soon when she has finished hanging the pictures.

Mr Crocodile is there, too, to join in the fun. At first he is a little bit uncomfortable, because he has had too much dinner and he doesn’t like to impair his digestion.

So Miserable Starkey acts the part of the surgeon, discovers and obstruction in the Crocodile’s throat, pulls out a hook which has a familiar look about it, and – well, the Crocodile feels better.

The day is over; the shadows of the evening cross the beautiful sky. The children have gone to sleep, the world is at rest, and Peter proudly lifts his head in his new home.

But Wendy has not quite finished. She comes along to the Author of the Pageant: ‘I am very happy, but tired; very, very tired; but I should like to give you a thimble! Good – night!

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