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Peter Pan Pageant



Transcript of Mrs Michael Greta's memories of the day

'It was a wonderful day, it was a wonderful day and I was very proudthat I’d been part of it. I was in my final year at Sudley Road School and I was a prefect. The prefects were invited to join the audience at the unveiling of the Peter Pan statue, so that is how I came to be there in 1928.

JM Barrie’s Peter Pan play was performed at the site. Of course there was a tremendous crowd and we were part way down the stream almost opposite the ‘Jolly Roger’, so we couldn’t see an awful lot of the play because it was on the land at the top end, but we could hear everything of course… and of course, when it was Captain Hook, we knew the story of Peter Pan so we knew what was going on anyway so…. We didn’t see anybody flying, like Wendy and those…. I didn’t see the lady who fell into the lake but we heard it, so, poor soul, I never knew what had happened to her but I found out that they had to whisk her off to the hotel to dry her out… but it was a wonderful experience and I was so glad I was there…’



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