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Peter Pan statue, picture sent by Dorothy Challinor

Picture sent by Dorothy Challinor

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Liverpool's statue was not the first. The original was placed in Kensington Gardens [opens new window], London in 1912. It was the gift of Barrie to the children of that city. It had been delivered at night, under the utmost secrecy. He wanted it to appear as if by magic, in keeping with the spirit of Peter Pan.
From London, Peter then flew to Brussels in 1924. This statue's inscription commemorates the bond of friendship between the children of Britain and Belgium.
In 1925 a statue was unveiled in Bowring Park [opens new window], St. John in Newfoundland. Sir Edward Bowring presented it in memory of his godchild, Betty Munn, who died in a shipwreck. Its inscription reads 'In memory of a little girl who loved the Park.'
Peter then appeared in Camden, New Jersey, USA. He arrived during a children's Peter Pan festival and was unveiled by Tinker Bell herself.
The last two copies of Frampton's Peter Pan were made in 1929. One stands in Perth, a gift from the Perth Rotary Club to the children of Western Australia. The other was placed in Toronto, Canada.

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