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Pageant Book

Nana Discovers a Secret

Squirrel illustrationYou all know about Nana, that faithful animal and bath attendant. She likes her own way, as many boys and girls do too, and one day she nosed about, and discovered a curious looking tree with a tiny opening. Then she heard the sound of Peter’s Pipe. She was no less inquisitive than anybody else, so she runs off and tells Michael, he tells all his pals, the Lost Boys and the Red Indians, and when they all take up positions it looks like a besieged city.

Peter, oblivious of all this fuss and commotion, still goes on happily piping until discretion is swept to the winds, and the sound of the tomahawk is heard striking at the root of the trees. They fall, they fall away, and behold is a statue of Peter Pan and his counterpart in the flesh, surrounded by the fairies he loves so well. Shouts of joy are heard as Peter, the bronze but living statue, is presented to the enthusiastic and clamouring audience. It is a glorious baptism.

Peter’s Shadow

You know all about Peter Pan’s Shadow. He could not do any good without it, and one day he mislaid the Shadow. Who do you think had it? Why, naughty Nana. Peter thought that he could fasten it on with soap, and when Wendy discovers him he is in a helpless, disappointed frame of mind.
‘Let me try’, says Wendy; and with her nimble fingers and thimble and thread she sews it on Peter again without causing too much pain.
Peter is happy again and shows it.

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