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Pageant Book

Fixing the Rent

Squirrel illustrationYet Fairies must live. Sunshine and air won’t pay the bills and the rent collector is a regular caller. A cloud of unhappiness comes over the little people and they are anxious for the future. ‘Who is to pay the rent? Says the practical Wendy to the impractical Peter. ‘It is all very well to have a beautiful home in this Park; but we must find the rent every Monday’.

A bright thought occurs to one of them – you can guess which it was. They will consult the Lady of the Bright Eyes, another lover of the little children, especially the sick and suffering. So they bring into their counsels this noble person.

The Lady of the Bright Eyes is sympathetic, but her hands are tied, and she suggests a consultation with the Lord of the Flowing River, that river which bears on its bosom commerce with the whole world.

My Lord of the River is a person set in authority and his word carries far. He is not easily convinced. He enquires in practical fashion from Peter whether he has any money in the Savings Bank. Peter, with an innocent air, replies: ‘What is a Savings Bank?’ which gives his impecunious state and his knowledge of high finance away.

There is no advantage in arguing the point, so the Lord of the River makes a virtue of necessity. Ordering his faithful servant to place on record the fact that so long as Peter love Wendy and allows the fairies to visit her on her birthday, which promise Peter makes in solemn affirmation, they shall be allowed to live rent free in their beautiful home.

Not satisfied even with this answer, Wendy, the careful and persistent housewife, wants documentary evidence. So the Lord of the Flowing River and the Lady of the Bright Eyes hasten to put the matter beyond all doubt, and paint on an adjacent board the magic words, ‘Rent Free’, adding the seal of the birds of the river as a mark of good faith.

But favours must be reciprocated -that is a big word – but most of you will understand. And so Wendy insists on making a presentation to the Lord of the Flowing River and Peter insists on making a similar presentation to the Lady of the Bright Eyes. And Wendy’s stock of thimbles is reduced by two and the bond of friendship is forever established.

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