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Pageant Book

Peter and Wendy Hold A Reception

Squirrel illustration‘Peter and Wendy At Home’ were the magic words written on the invitation issued to their friends. ‘I don’t think that we can afford them much hospitality,’ says Wendy. ‘But, after all, we shall be very pleased to see them; and, Peter, you won’t go to sleep, will you, in the middle of the party? I am so excited! Why do they call it a housewarming, Peter? But here, Peter, the first of our guest comes’.

Remember, it is no ordinary reception. Who are these who quietly approach to shake hands with the host and hostess? They are not the children tired of dolls, and cinemas, and parties - they have not had fathers and mothers to provide them – they are those who have been committed to the care of the fairies and gnomes. The fairies watch over them whilst they are tender and young and in the care of the city, so that they may grow up with beautiful ideas and go out into the world examples of good conduct.

It is a long, winding procession, these little people in their picturesque costumes and hats; boys and girls with their bright faces and hearts aglow with excitement. They have dreamed of this day and now Wendy and Peter are to receive them. And who is that figure that stands behind? The Tiger Lily of Adventure – and look! Nana has gone to sleep, but she keeps one eye open.

And so they pass on; and as they move from the scene into their hands is placed a present of the story of Peter Pan’s Pageant which they can read and pass on to their brothers and sisters.

‘Peter’, cries Wendy, ‘Who are these three that are coming along? They seem strange. They have an air of having come from a distance’.

Peter: ‘They have, Wendy. Here is an Ambassador from Camden Town, away, miles and miles across the ocean; and look! Wendy, here is the little Cockney boy who plays with Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens.’

Wendy: ‘But who is this visitor in a strange costume who now comes?’

Peter: ‘It is the Belgian, coming with messages of goodwill from Peter Pan in Brussels; and look! they each have an offering. They are presenting us with something that we are to keep in remembrance of the other Peter Pans’.

Wendy: ‘Oh, Peter! this has been a lovely day’.

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