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Mr Wade



Mr H Wade

'Thank you for returning my photo of the Peter Pan statue. I would only be too pleased for you to use the photo in any way you would like.

It was taken in 1952, I was sixteen then, I am now 65.
It was a Sunday afternoon, we went most Sundays, that was our day off because we were all working Monday to Saturday. We were four mates, always together, inseparable you might say. There was myself, Tommy Donnelly, Johnie Coughlan, Terry Smith and Maurice Stott.

We would join the queue to go on the rowing boats for one and six (7½p in today's money) for half an hour, or the motor boats for two and six (which is 12½p in today's money) for half an hour. After that we would go to the fairy glen, the Palm House it was open then, and old Nick's cave.

Before we went home we would visit the café by the Eros Statue and have a milk shake for sixpence ( or 2½p in today's money). On the way home we would walk through the bird aviary, there were birds in every cage then.

Hope these few little notes will help you. Once again many thanks and good luck with your Peter Pan restoration project.'

Audio clip

Listen to Mr Wade's memories of Sefton Park (mp3 248kb)

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