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Mrs Marjorie Wilson

Mrs Marjorie Wilson

Marjorie Wilson's sister in law

'Dear Peter Pan,

I have very many happy memories of times spent in Sefton Park. My family moved to Aigburth shortly before the war and the Park was a wonderful place for young people, lovely walks, tennis, rowing on the lake and the Band Concerts in the Park. The flower bends were always beautiful and the Palm House was a great attraction.
I joined a Youth Club and we played baseball in the Park. One of the members was a young student who had come to Liverpool University to study medicine and we often visited the "Jolly Roger" and Peter Pan statue.

We married and lived in Aigburth for a while and the photograph taken by the statue just before my son was born. The second photograph is of my husband's sister on her first visit to Liverpool. Several members of the youth group did not return from war service, my son died whilst still young and my husband died two years ago but I still have very happy memories of Peter Pan and the fairy glen and I am so pleased that you are to be returned to the Park. I am sure that even in the present day situation of sophisticated toys you will delight the eye of the young people and bring back happy memories as it does for my daughter and my niece who still visit the park regularly.

I look forward to revisiting the park and statue.'

Marjorie Wilson

Audio clip

Listen to Marjorie Wilson's memories of Sefton Park (mp3 309kb)

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