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Mr David Woodworth


Mr David Woodworth

'This photo was taken on the 26 June 1939, my birthday, as I know, because my dad and mum and myself were going on holiday to Blackpool the next week. From going to the park, we would go to see my dad's mother in Jacob Street and my mum's mother and father in Roch Street off Harlow Street, Park Road.

When my dad was off on a Sunday (he was a bus conductor) and the weather was ok, my dad and myself would go to the park, my dad loved it. I had some great times there and when I was growing up.

I would go there with my pals to play football and cricket, and also take small yachts and sail them at the far end of the lake by the small island, not where the rowing boats were. I have so good memories of the times I spent in the park, but there was one thing that stayed in my mind was, how clean and well looked after it was, and the Park Bobby on his bike always seemed to be there, when you were doing something you shouldn't. I think people at that time had different standards and was grateful for little things, things like a great Park.

It is over 50 years since I was last in Sefton Park, and at times I still talk to my wife about it.

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