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Legacies - leaving a gift in your will

In this video, Kathryn talks about her passion for medieval art and why she has decided to leave a gift in her will to National Museums Liverpool. 

If you love your museums and galleries, would you consider leaving a gift in your will?

A legacy - a gift in your will - is a remarkable way to continue a long tradition of support and help inspire future generations when they visit our museums and galleries.

Your legacy gift could:

  • Help conserve objects or artworks that are important to you
  • Support the development of your favourite museum or gallery
  • Make a real difference to your community through our education and outreach work
  • Contribute to areas of our work where support is most needed

Reduce the inheritance tax owed on your estate

To encourage more people to leave money to charity, in April 2012 UK government changed its policy on inheritance tax.

Now, if your estate leaves 10% or more to a charity - like National Museums Liverpool - the rate of inheritance tax will be reduced from 40% to 36%. 

A new campaign wants to help make 10% giving the norm, rather than the exception. To read more about how this works, please visit the Legacy10 website | .

Please talk to us in confidence

All enquiries are obligation-free and treated in strictest confidence. To find out more information about making a legacy gift,  please talk to our Fundraising Manager on 0151 478 4734 .

Alternatively, please email us directly |or write to:

Fundraising Manager (Legacies) - in confidence
National Museums Liverpool
Midland Railway Building
1 Peter Street
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