Black History Month

dancers in swirls of colour

Detail of image designed by | Photography: Eric Richmond

Black History Month| is an annual national celebration, with events taking place across the UK throughout October. It aims to spread awareness of and pride in Black contributions to British society, and to foster an understanding of Black history in general.

Highlights of Black History Month 2013 at National Museums Liverpool have been the new exhibition British dance: Black routes| at the International Slavery Museum and accompanying British dance symposium. See the Black History Month 2013 page| for full details of this year's events.  |

There have also been free talks at the University of Liverpool and Kuumba Imani Millennium Centre as part of the CSIS (Centre for the Study of International Slavery) seminar programme. Further talks will take place in November and December - see the CSIS page| for full details.

Highlights of previous Black History Month events at National Museums Liverpool

Read about highlights of Black History Month 2011 on the blog|.

You can listen to podcasts or read transcripts of the following events from past Black History Months on this website:

 Stealing History debates

Artwork of the Month

The following items from our collections and temporary exhibitions have been Artwork of the Month during previous years' Black History Months