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Museum highlights

Find out more about some of the highlights from the International Slavery Museum's collections and displays by following the links below. You can also watch our introductory video to find out what the museum is like inside.

Galleries and displays

The International Slavery Museum has three main galleries on the following themes:


In addition to the three permanent galleries, the museum also hosts a changing programme of temporary exhibitions and displays .

This includes displays in the museum's Campaign Zone - an exhibitions and community space that aims to shed light on the legacies of transatlantic slavery and to raise awareness of the modern forms of slavery existing in the world today.

Other major features

Visitors encounter these two major standalone features at the entrance to the museum:

The history of the slave trade

Further information about the history of the slave trade and suggestions for further reading are available on this website:

Enslaved Africans: our truth

You can also follow four Africans as they are taken and sold into slavery in our interactive feature Enslaved Africans: our truth.